Moblie Application Development

Do you want your business to get smart with a Smartphone App?

Do you want your business to get smart with a Smartphone App?

Staggering fantastic annual sales of Smartphone and Tablets now outstrip sales of desktop PCs. Mobile Applications have changed the way we live, communicate, work, search and share. You can take your business in your pocket with one Smartphone App everywhere you go and that in turn can boost your workday productivity.

Let’s go through this global survey that will definitely hit your nerve…

  • In 1985 there were 340,213 worldwide cell phone subscribers and it is expected to reach 5.9 billion by the end of 2013. There are over 160 million iOS devices in use today.
  • “Today is a big day for Android, 500 million devices activated globally, and over 1.3 million added every single day”. Those are the words of Google's Hugo Barra on Sept'2012.
  • At activations of 1.3 million devices daily, Android is expected to hit 1 billion activations by the end of 2013.
  • 1 billion people will access their financial services via mobile phone by 2015 soul to make it a successful online presence. Our development team is the art director of the digital age who will add life to your tale. These are the areas in which Source Code can provide solutions.

So now we can imagine the urgency of having one of our own.

McDonald’s is another interesting case study, let’s go through it

McDonald’s is another interesting case study, let’s go through it.

McDonald’s got designed a ‘restaurant finder’ Smartphone App to enable consumers to find a late-night McDonald’s. 2/3′s of its restaurants close at 11pm. McDonald’s employed location-based technology and geo-targeted above-the-line messaging, to avoid sending potential customers to a locked door. The app was downloaded 1,300,000 times over the course of the campaign, and when the sales uplift was calculated, the campaign delivered an ROI of 2:1.

For reference read here:

Now a days enterprise users want latest technology, set of features and applications to satisfy their growing needs. Your customers expect flexible, sophisticated features to meet their expectations for simplicity, robustness, functionality, ease of use and quality.

Did you know this?

Did you know this?

According to a technology columnist David Pogue, a nickname “smartphone apps” was given to the newer Smartphone applications to distinguish them from earlier less-sophisticated ones. So it’s no longer an application, it’s an “App”.

Did you know Google Playstore has over 800,000 applications and Android is ready to overtake this figure by 2013.

We Offer

We Offer

At Source Code, we create smarter Apps for your Smart phones that can, no-doubt, get you ahead and provide you a platform for marketing your business, give you increased rate of deal conversions and bring users who can rate and recommend your business to their friends and relatives while acting as an unofficial brand ambassadors. Be it iOS application or iPad app, we are always leveraging the latest technologies.

We create Mobile Compatible Designs. Engage your scattered target audience on all platforms by creating mobile version of your website. If you want to take your business mobile, we can give you professional iPhone app and android app development services.We can help your customer place your brand directly into their device.

We provide you with the android and iPhone apps that make it possible to reach out to your customers in the most affordable and effective way. We need to face the fact that we live in a not-so-patient world, with opportunities abound where we need to have volume of information with speed with the touch of a button. We turn your vision into an interface to communicate with your customers that makes your business easy. Considering the market and potential for mobile applications we understand the exploding growth of mobile applications, social network, business applications and provide you with the leading edge services to meet the technical competency.

So we know there’s no doubt that the Smartphone App industry is taking the world by storm, changing our lives and creating multi-millionaires overnight and with one of your own, you too can be one of them sooner.

A Smartphone App with mobile access is the next DOMINATING Internet platform waiting for your website.